Monday, February 22, 2010

Go take a bath

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I'm not a huge fan of baths myself, but I am fond of telling others to take a bath. Why not let this poodle assist? This set originally had 6 poodle days of the week designs for kitchen or tea towels (some days of the week sets don't include Sunday, it seems, since it was a day of rest.) There are two smaller designs for potholders - one with the poodle saying "Don't Burn Your Paws"! :) Also a design for a Mixer and Toaster cover. I can't get over the poodle in a turban, mopping and scrubbing, or sporting cute glasses to do her sewing.

My set is cut and incomplete - I'm missing the Mixer and Toaster cover and the Saturday design. Anyone stitched the poodle? We really need to see that, you know.

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  1. i plan to..hopefully will remember to show n tell :) Love this design :)


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