Friday, March 6, 2009

Patterns from other peeps...

I know, it's been awhile since I've shared anything of my own. What with my personal life and my trusty Mac being on the fritz, I haven't been able to scan anything new.

So I thought I'd share some links to patterns from other generous people:
from doe-c-doe:
2 Spring flowers
3 cute teacups and kettle

from wee wonderfuls:
Spring cleaning Stitchette

from Badbird:
Hearts and birds (January free pattern)
Folk rabbit (March free pattern)
Bird and Flower sampler (November free pattern)

from Annie Oakleaves:
Cute animals

from Polka dot bunny:
Forest animals


Cláudia said...

I love all all all you do.

Donna said...

Just discovered your blog and am loving it! Thank you for your free patterns. I have just started embroidering again after 100 years of not.

Am looking for a sampler pattern that two friends happen to own the finished embroidery. It is large about 22" x 24" and starts out something like: "Come sit a spell....". There are several motifs scattered around the text... one I remember is a side-view of a person sitting in a winged-back chair. Would you have seen this in your "embroidery travels". I would love to find the pattern.

There is also another matter I am needing help with.... a friend and I have been working on a pair of embroidery panels (maps) of the North and South American continents. My friend was embroidering on the NA panel. She took it on a business trip and her embroidery basket and the half finished panel was stolen from her room. Attempts to find it have led no where. We would like to replace it and don't know where to begin looking. These panels were pre-printed in blue ink on cream colored linen..... the motifs suggest the 20s or 30s time period.

Do you have an suggestions on how to go about looking or locating another panel to replace the missing one? I am not a "blogger" and am not sure how to go about getting the word out.

I have photos of the finished panel along with photos of the partial finish panel this is missing. Do you have an e-mail I could send you the images and would you be kind enough to post them on your blog to help with locating a replacement panel to embroider.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Donna S

gnarlyis3 said...

Thanks for providing such great patterns! So many that are freebees are much to small and primitive for my taste. I hate to start a project and have it over just as I start to enjoy it! I have a few patterns on my flickr site that you might enjoy.
Jessica R