Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birds in the Brandy

Birds in the Brandy
free pattern - click to get larger size and print!

This bird had a bit too much to drink. This sheet has 6 large designs for kitchen towels. 3 feature the antics of these cute little birds - a mama bird with a baby in a teacup for "China", a bird admiring its reflection in a silver pot for "Silver", and this one, with the bird sleeping one off, for "Glass." 3 other designs show a puppy with a teacup on its head (for China), a bear holding a champagne flute (for Glass), and a kitten holding cutlery (for Silver). What's oddest about these 3 cute designs is that not only are they cute animals... they're cute animal puppets. On hands. Can it get any stranger or cuter? Now, jog my memory, people - did someone embroider one of these weird hand puppets awhile back? I think someone did, but I can't remember who or where I saw it. Have you embroidered this? Any links would be appreciated!

Also 3 adorable potholder motifs of critters holding signs: the kitten's sign says "Don't Burn Your Paws", the bear's sign says "Careful Hot Pots" and the puppy's sign says "Watch Out It's Hot." One more small design of the adorable bird burning its feet on a hot pan. My envelope is in perfect shape, and my transfer sheet is complete and uncut.


Ruby said...

I love this one. I hope you will post more from this collection. I reckon I need to check the archives! Thanks,:)

Contrary Mary Clementine said...

These are the cutest things! I hope you post the rest.

Threeundertwo said...

To be honest, at first glance I thought that bird in the glass was dead. I'm relieved it's only passed out. I think I have to make this one.