Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can you handle the cute? Can you?

cat + shoe = terribly, awfully cute
free pattern - click to get larger size and print!

It's a cat in a shoe, peeps. Do I really need to say more? Okay, maybe I do. The cat is fluffy, and it's kitten-sized. It's wearing a ribbon, rather elegantly tied around its fluffy neck. It's curled up in a high-heeled pump. With daisies on it. If that didn't just hit you with cute like an 18 wheeler full of Peeps, I don't know what will.

This reminds me of a fascinating conversation that went down on Feeling Stitchy last week, in which I realized I am guilty of a double standard. If this kitty were cross-stitched, I would have no use for her. I would find her tawdry and silly and excessively sweet. Like, I'm wearing pink lace and I've got-you-in-a-chokehold, sweet. But, as an embroidery pattern, I find her kitschy and retro and silly and cute. Her cute is pretty powerful, but I can handle her cute. Am I alone here? Crazy? Feel free to chime in on this... :)

Also on this sheet are two large floral patterns for pillowcases, neither of which are as seriously, crazily cute as this kitten, however. My sheet is unused and uncut. The owner wrote, in ballpoint pen on the front of the envelope, "Jan 11-62".


KristenMary said...

I definitely have that same reaction to embroidery vs cross stitch!! It was really interesting to read all of the comments a few days ago about the differences and how people view both crafts.

Drewzel said...

I've stitched this kitteh on a pillowcase, goodness knows where it is at the moment, otherwise I'd take a piccy for you.

Mom Walds Place said...

No, actually, I cannot handle this level of cuteness. It is overwhelming. This is going on a shoe bag for my new patent leather heels. Thank YOU!

If this was in counted cross-stitch it would lose its whimsical quality.

Billie said...

Oh, another cute kitty pose! Thanks, again!

Susan E said...

I love your site! I will absolutely honor your request not to use these commercially and will share them freely ALWAYS with a link to this site as a reference.

Thank you so much for collecting them.


Bivens said...

Totally agree about the embroidery!
I stumbled across your blog and am having a great time reading! I am now inspired to go home and dig out all my vintage embroidery transfers I inherited from my grandmothers. Haven't looked at them in forever and this time I am sure to see them through new eyes. Will share anything I find that is particularly good!

Nicky said...

I lOVE this pattern and must have gotten it from you a longgg time ago (few years back).

My photography skills weren't quite at the "Etsy" or "Blogger" level- haha! I stitched this shirt for one of my best friends (who has a black kitty and is never without a fantastic pair of heels on!!!) The perfect pattern!!! Thank you!!! :D

Nicky said...

hehe- eek... I just read the comments on the link I gave you and I musta already sent you the pictures 'cause you commented! Well, thank you kindly again for the adorable pattern! Happy Tuesday!

Aliya said...

I absolutely adore this one!

x Aliya