Sunday, March 18, 2007

Scotty Dog and Crazy-eyed Kitty

unknown puppy and cat pattern

I found these unmarked green-lined transfers in a pile of transfers I got on Ebay. My best guess on the manufacturer is Superior or some other lesser-known company... I also have a cute bunny motif, cute ducks, and lazy daisy floral motifs. Then there's the cute Scotty dog you see above and its evil arch-nemesis, Crazy-eyed Kitty! :) Just look into those scary eyes daring you to satin stitch them... go ahead, try it - kitty will look even scarier then.

Let me know if you know the manufacturer of these - I'd love to find out!

Mailorder 86 - Cross-Stitch China; Bizarre Animals

Mailorder 86 - teacup pattern
7 days of the week designs for tea towels like this one featuring a cross-stitched plate and other kitchen china. Also a large waterlily motif that would be nice for a pillowcase, floral borders, baskets and corner motifs. There are also 3 bizarre and adorable animals: a prancing lamb, fuzzy duck and this thing:

Mailorder 86 - weird squirrel-cat-skunk pattern

Is it a squirrel? A cat? Or maybe a skunk (check out that big stripe down its back)? Drunken chipmunk? And is its hind leg broken? Really, there are so many weird possibilities for this animal, which my sheet claims is a kitten... :) My sheet is almost complete - 1 small motif is cut out of the edge.

Mailorder 64 - Cutesy Angel Heads

Mailorder 64 - angel patterns

How do you like these "cherubic angels' heads"? They appear on an uncut, unused sheet marked "64" with TONS of different motifs. There are His and Hers floral pillowcase designs, rose baskets, roses and ribbons, cherubs holding ribbons, herbs with names, a bee and ladybug border, a tiny script alphabet and large butterfly potholder motifs. Honestly, there are so many designs crammed together it's easy to miss them!