Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Superior 114 - 6 Attractive Parakeets

Superior 114

It was tough for parakeets back in the day - not anything like the cush setup they've got nowadays where all they have to do is sit in their cage, tweet, and generally mess up the corner you've got them in with all those feathers. No, back then, there were standards for housepets. They had to be attractive, for starters. And then there were the household chores - Polly better be keeping the house in tip-top shape if he didn't want to become a hot wing at the next family picnic...

These 6 adorable parakeets are brought to you by the generosity of Mary Ellen, who kindly scanned them for me. And the next time you feel like you've got it rough, try rolling out the dough with no hands!

free patterns - click to get larger size and print!
singing with the kettle naturally, Polly wants a cracker
I thought Parakeets don't get crow's feet... well seasoned
rolling in the dough Polly has a sweet tooth

Monday, June 9, 2008

Laura Wheeler 524 - Bird DOW

Design524-Wheeler D524-bird-teapot
free pattern - click to get larger size and print!

Hey all! Here's my second post featuring free patterns scanned by Erin (or rectangel). By the way, there's a great interview with her on Feeling Stitchy - check it out!

This is a Laura Wheeler days of the week design with some rather cutesy birds. We know it is Laura Wheeler because of the newspaper clipping Erin had in her envelope. There are 6 cute designs, including the one pictured above, featuring an adorable bird peering inquisitively at cutlery, tableware, and cookware. Enjoy! And thanks again, Erin!

free patterns - click to get larger size and print!
D524-bird-silver D524-bird-pot D524-bird-glass D524-bird-coffee D524-bird-bowl