Sunday, May 11, 2008

Design 7060 - Dog DOW Antics

Design7060-dog D7060-dog-welcome

This is the first in a series of transfers I'll be featuring from the lovely Erin (or rectangel). If you've seen transfers like these before, you'll notice they say "Design" and are numbered - they were mass-produced mail-order transfers. They advertised in local newspapers with a brief description of the transfer, and an address to write to.

These transfers feature a cute dog going about his weekly chores which include eyeing some fresh-baked buns, gnawing on towels, emptying a bowl of mending supplies, carrying doggie bones home from market, wrestling with a mop, drooling over pancakes, and getting all dressed up and spiffy (above).

Better yet, Erin's scanned them all - and here they are:

Thanks Erin! :)

Ebay Tips and Erin's Embroidery Transfers

Hey there guys! It's been tough bidding on transfers on Ebay lately, although I must say I only have myself to blame. This blog has inspired many to do what I do, which is great! But not so great when bidding for transfers on Ebay. :(

I thought I'd give you a few tips about buying transfers on Ebay:

  • Don't believe descriptions that say "rare" or assume that if a transfer has a high price it must be worth that much - embroidery transfers were mass-produced, so if you're looking for a specific transfer, just keep checking back instead of paying tons of money.

  • Some vendors sell photocopies or downloadable PDFs, not the originals, so read their descriptions very carefully.

About Erin's Embroidery Transfers

Since my collecting has slowed down, I'll be sharing bits from Erin's collection (or rectangel, on Flickr and Craftster).

Not only is she a super-rad embroiderer, she's scanned and added some real gems in the Hoop Love Vintage Transfers group, and has agreed to let me feature them here! Thanks Erin!