Xmas patterns    Xmas patterns

gorgeous flowers      American Weekly 3123 - pattern

superior 137 - basket pattern I don't think you can handle the cute

Old Ford   Mailorder 2-929 - clothespin pattern

Mailorder 2-932 - good morning, good night        unknown puppy and cat pattern      Birds in the Brandy

Mailorder- little birdies  superior 160 - roses pillowcase

tiny motifs   Monarch 206 - cat pattern

 Gay "South of the Border" Senorita         Chinese motifs

walkers 33 - butterfly pattern    Mailorder 64 - angel patterns

green-line pillowcase


Cgirl said...

Thank you for the lovely patterns.

Olive Oil said...

I love your designs. i used one of them and i hope you would like to see this one