Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chicken romance

old batch pattern cute catch pattern

Yes, chickens do have romances. This is in addition to cats, birds, and puppies, whose romances you are already aware of... So, long ago, 2 chickens fell in love, and that love was immortalized the way most things were in the 50's... with awkwardly rhymed phrases on tea towels! The chickens didn't seem to be an ideal pair at first - he being of an "old batch" and she being a trifle proud looking (albeit cute) catch...

plenty scratch pattern perfect match pattern

The romance was turbulent at first, and one might say that there was "plenty scratch"... but within time it was clear they were a "perfect match." (By the way, if you're not inwardly groaning yet, you should really get that checked out... your inner groan mechanism may be faulty or nonexistent) :)

cozy thatch pattern well natch pattern

The two chickens settled down in a "cozy thatch" and before 3 shakes of a lamb's tail had 4 lively chicks and had settled down into smug married-hood. (They are SO smug marrieds - just look at them!) :) Extra points to anyone who can explain to me the meaning of "natch"...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Polly put the kettle on

Polly pattern

Polly's kinda cute, eh? I found this pattern wedged in with some other finds recently - she'd been cut out and traced over unflatteringly with black, red, and blue crayons. I took out a little tracing paper and did my best to find and re-create her original lines. This is a red-line transfer, maybe Workbasket, but it's not identified in any way. And, is it just me or does it look like Polly's got a pet boa coiled around her neck?