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alpha bird


Untitled Untitled

custom pillowcase pattern pillowcase pattern

senorita with a chicken on her head   Crinoline lady

crinoline lady #3   crinoline lady #2

     ehhhhh. nice spices   sassy señoritasweet deer
dog       cute little stove

roses lilies

I can guarantee your cat isn't doing this while you're at work world's finest tomato escort service

I don't think you can handle the cute pups to the rescueI think you need a bath

Veggies... dancing!little version Birds in the Brandy

Baker got back Sabotage!
UntitledAngel + dust = Angel Dust? 

Gay "South of the Border" Senoritalittle pram

Shocked housepetsOld Ford

 Goldilocks  Mailorder 68 - cross-stitch alphabet

Mailorder 66 Chinese motifs

Holly Hobby-esquefuzzy catMailorder 85 - fuzzy cat

Mailorder 85 - fuzzy bearMailorder 85 - fuzzy dogMailorder 85 - fuzzy rabbit

tiny motifsMailorder 2-920 bib motifs

hillbilly boyschoolgirl

walkers 33 - butterfly pattern   sailor boy and hula girl

Mailorder 2-948 - little girl patternPolly pattern

farmer's wife pattern farmer patternMailorder 2-932 - good morning, good night

  barking dog pattern - unknownMailorder 2-931 - crazed lamb

friendly eskimoMailorder 2-921 - cherub in a teacup

  jitterbug dancers 3 jitterbug dancers 2 jitterbug dancers 1 jitterbug girl

Mailorder 2-929 - clothespin pattern  Mailorder 2-915 - Happy Peasants pattern

Mailorder 2-903 - Mexican duo pattern Mailorder - Cute Mexican pattern

Mailorder 2-937 - kitten pattern well natch pattern

 unknown puppy and cat pattern  Mailorder 86 - teacup pattern   walker's 720 - cherry pattern
  Mailorder 64 - angel patternssuperior 137 - basket pattern

 Mailorder 90 - singing boy pattern superior 120 - pattern 1

American Weekly 3123 - pattern   Mailorder 2-947 - kindly lady

Laura Wheeler 778 - patternsuperior 180 - patternMonarch 206 - cat pattern

    superior 146 - pattern superior 169 - pattern

Xmas patterns  Xmas patterns

Mailorder- little birdiesgreen-line pillowcase superior 160 - roses pillowcase More birds in love

walkers 33 - monograms monogram patterns - unknown

singing with the kettle naturally, Polly wants a cracker

well seasonedI thought Parakeets don't get crow's feet...

rolling in the dough Polly has a sweet tooth

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Carmen said...

Son preciosos estos dibujos.