Friday, May 21, 2010

Can't stop the cat cleaning

free pattern - click to get larger size and print!

So, you want a cat that does your cleaning? Good luck with that. I share an apartment with two cats and I've yet to bust them with a handkerchief and mop. But I have busted them doing.... other things. Like ralphing on my door jamb and dragging their rear across the freshly mopped floor. Maybe I just need a little more brandy? Then I suppose I'll be seeing all kinds of stuff!

I've stitched two of these "lucky" kittens - the Monday and Tuesday designs. There are 7 large kitten patterns for each day of the week - their bodies are comprised of big cross-stitches. There are two smaller patterns that work well as potholders, and another rectangular image with two kittens that says good luck that would be cute as a framed sampler. My set is 1 complete, uncut sheet.