Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ma and Pa, on the farm

farmer pattern farmer's wife pattern
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It's hard to tell what these are since they are cut (but unused). I have a few more farm-related transfers that could have come from the same sheet, but I'm not 100% certain. It's definitely clear these 2 are a couple - I love the whiskers on Pa and the unflinching look Ma is giving as she feeds her chickens. I absolutely love the drawing style on these!

this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rose Monograms for Mr and Mrs

monogram patterns - unknown
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These green-line transfers were in a pile of unmarked stuff found on Ebay- they are cut but unused. I can already imagine how beautiful these look stitched... I don't know the brand but they look a lot like the Superior rose motifs I blogged some time ago. Enjoy!

Puppy tea towels

barking dog pattern - unknown
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Let's face it: housework stinks, and this little puppy is having none of it! These puppy motifs were in a pile of unidentified stuff I scored on Ebay months ago. I have 5 cut, unused motifs which are blue-line transfers - my best guess is Superior or some other mail-order brand. I love the cute, sketchy style of these puppies - in addition to this cute puppy barking at an iron (exactly how I feel about ironing) are these 4 patterns:
  • puppy chewing on an embroidered cat in a hoop

  • puppy tearing down a clothesline, with socks and underpants

  • puppy soaked by a pail of wash water

  • puppy getting into a cookie jar

Mailorder 2-920 - Bib motifs

Mailorder 2-920 bib motifs
Make your own baby bib with these embroidered motifs and the bib pattern below! Instruct your drooling kiddos to "Be Kind", "Be Happy", and "Be Good" with these little bibs they're too young to read. Maybe it'll soak in subliminally... with the peas and whatnot... :) I have one complete, uncut sheet with tons of other patterns for:
  • 3 stuffed animals: bear (looks more like a mouse), cat and dog

  • cutwork patterns for chairback, chair arm, luncheon cloth, and napkins

  • 2 panholder patterns: cat(?) and chicken

  • fruit embroidery motifs

  • Mexican burro motif for luncheon cloth

  • 2 apron patterns: basket and flowers

  • patchwork quilt pattern

Mailorder 2-920 bib pattern

this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mailorder 2-932 - Good Morning, Good Night

Mailorder 2-932 - good morning, good night
I love these 2 "bib designs"... but in my opinion they're a bit too grown-up for a bib. I think they'd be charming as a wall hanging or on a tea towel. I love the retro lettering and the smiling sun which makes me feel I've fallen into Roger Rabbit's "toon town." Also, look at those pudgy owl legs - is it just me or does he look like a roast chicken from the waist down? Either way, they're adorable.

This sheet also has patterns for a handbag, apron, glasses case, a cat bean bag, tomato panholder, a button embroidery design contributed "by a reader", His and Hers hearts, and 7 funky bowlegged veggies for tea towels or napkin holders.
this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!

Crazy lambkin

Mailorder 2-931 - crazed lamb

This lamb is clearly over-caffeinated. Go ahead, drink that extra iced mocha latte with the double shot, and you'll look like that, too! And yet, our pattern producers would have us embroider him on a crib quilt, blanket, or child's garment. Maybe it is best to educate the "small fry" early on of the perils of overcaffeination....

This sheet includes patterns for a floral pillowcase, floral design for a blouse, a cutwork table runner, and a bathroom rug and toilet cover (yep, you heard that, toilet cover).

this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!

Kid cuties

friendly eskimo
Of the 6 cute kid designs on this sheet, this friendly Eskimo is certainly cutest. I love the way he/she holds his/her little arms out as if to say "hot-cha-cha!" Okay, there is a cute little girl design that is a close second - she has Shirley Temple ringlet curls and stands under an umbrella in the rain... Also a cutesy bride (who is maybe not supposed to be a kid - that would be disturbing), a girl ballerina with a heart tiara, a "leprechaun"-themed kid and a boy with baskets of flowers who are equally glassy-eyed.

This sheet is smaller and rectangular in size, about 8" x 20" and uncut.

this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!

Jitterbug dancers

jitterbug girl

First of all, allow me to begin by saying I don't use the label "scary cute" lightly. But these jitterbug dancers are most certainly scary cute, right down to this teenage girl's laugh lines. But even more endearing and unsettling are the duo of one-eyed dancers. These teens shimmy, stomp and twirl with the best of them, and all this, with only one eye apiece. I'm sure these dancers would look equally cute with 2 eyes. Just maybe not so scary cute... :)

This sheet also has a palm tree design, pineapple designs for placemats and coasters, a circle floral design, 5 small designs for "felt lapel pins" (girl's head, scottie dog, owl, leaf, flowers), and a few other floral designs. My sheet is cut, not numbered, and is missing one small motif.

jitterbug dancers 1 jitterbug dancers 2 jitterbug dancers 3

Monday, July 9, 2007

Mr. Clothespin

Mailorder 2-929 - clothespin pattern
Check out Mr. Clothespin - ain't he cute? There he is, doing his clothespin thing... on a bar of soap... like the clothespins do. Ok, I don't know what Mr. Clothespin is doing on the soap, even with those motion lines to guide me. Truth is, I have no clue. But he's pretty happy, and he's pretty darned cute. This sheet includes a pattern to put Mr. Clothespin on a bag - check out Carol's wonderful clothespin bag.

I have 1 uncut sheet which also has a large butterfly and lotus design for an apron.

this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!

Happy Peasants

Mailorder 2-915 - Happy Peasants pattern
Being a peasant must not be all bad. I mean, if you're female you get to wear peasant blouses. And if you're male you get to enhance your rustic masculinity with embroidered suspenders, shiny shoes, and lederhosen. A lucky few were even immortalized on 1940's embroidered luncheon cloths, like this enthusiastic duo. I have one complete, uncut sheet, with a pattern for a peasant apron and hearts and floral embroidery motifs. Also a big bonneted girl stencil to make a big ol' trellis that just might keep doggies from doing #1 on your lawn...

this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!

Mexican luncheon

Mailorder 2-903 - Mexican duo pattern

I love this shocked-looking senorita - perhaps she's astounded at the sheer volume of fruit one can balance on one's head? Or maybe senor is singing something a bit risque to her, somewhere along the lines of "Aya en el Rancho Grande?" In any case, they make a cute couple, and according to this sheet, are a "corner motif". The center motif is cut out of my sheet and missing. The rest of the sheet has patterns for heart-shaped mother and daughter aprons and bonnets- cute, eh? Also a couple of kissing doves, smooching bunnies, and two shocked-looking fuzzy kitties, and cursive lettering that says "Big sis", "Little sis", and "mom."

this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!