Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sweet birdies

Mailorder- little birdies

I love how these sweet tiny birdies seem to be giving each other the eye. I enlarged them about 50% - they are tiny on the original sheet. My sheet is cut and incomplete but there are tons of other designs - swans for pillow cases, 2 applique pan holders, fuzzy bunny with a lawnmower, fuzzy bear, kitten, and dog, tiny elephant, rose, floral alphabet, and baby bib design.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cross-stitch alphabet

Mailorder 68 - cross-stitch alphabet
These cross-stitch letters can add a little zip to any of your embroidery projects (I think I've overdosed on Vogart envelopes because I'm beginning to sound like one!) :) In any case, seriously, these are fun. Take for example last week's pattern which was cute but... somehow lacking something.

Let's say you want to say something cheeky on your tea towel like:

Just throw these cross-stitch letters in Photoshop and let your imagination be your guide!

My sheet is cut and incomplete - also on the sheet are 2 patterns for crosses, an "ihs" surrounded by grapes and grape leaves, a larger script alphabet, a basket of flowers, and a cutwork pattern.