Saturday, February 3, 2007

American Weekly 3123 - Sunbonnet Girl

American Weekly 3123 American Weekly 3123 detail

6 sweet Sunbonnet girl designs, in most of which she is accompanied by a tiny, mopsy dog. The patterns on her dresses are all really lovely and probably look beautiful when they're stitched. My sheet is almost complete - 3 small motifs have been cut out, and judging from their position they were probably the cute puppy. All the Sunbonnet girls are there, however.

American Weekly 3123 - pattern


Gina E. said...

Hi Deborah,
I haven't visited this blog for a while, so it has been a real fun trip catching up on your latest finds! Wow, you have a great collection, and better still you are putting it to good use. That pillowslip you did for your friend is absolutely stunning! I have just created a new blog for my swap card collection, so I don't think I'll do another one for my transfers. I only have a dozen or so packets of them, so there isn't really enough to start a whole blog for. What do you think of this: how about I scan all my packets, and email them to you. You can then feature them on this blog as a contribution to an overall catalogue of tranfers. Bit like an apron blog I used to look at - lots of apron fanatics would email photos of their aprons for this person to put on her blog. It was great to look at (if you are into aprons!)

floresita said...

Hi Gina - that's a great idea! Which patterns do you have? send me an email, and we'll figure out how to share your little collection!

Oh, and I'm floresita (not Deborah) :)

Gina E. said...

OOPS!! sorry Floresita - for some reason I thought your 'real name' was Deborah, and Floresita was just your name for online stuff.
I've just written a note to remind myself to scan my patterns and send them to you...don't hold your breath waiting - might not be for a few days!

GG said...

I love these sunbonnet girls. How can I get copies of these? Thanks.

Gayle G.

GG said...

These are adorable. How can I get copies of the vintage sunbonnets?