Monday, February 22, 2010

Go take a bath

free pattern - click to get larger size and print!

I'm not a huge fan of baths myself, but I am fond of telling others to take a bath. Why not let this poodle assist? This set originally had 6 poodle days of the week designs for kitchen or tea towels (some days of the week sets don't include Sunday, it seems, since it was a day of rest.) There are two smaller designs for potholders - one with the poodle saying "Don't Burn Your Paws"! :) Also a design for a Mixer and Toaster cover. I can't get over the poodle in a turban, mopping and scrubbing, or sporting cute glasses to do her sewing.

My set is cut and incomplete - I'm missing the Mixer and Toaster cover and the Saturday design. Anyone stitched the poodle? We really need to see that, you know.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ain't love grand... when you're a bird

More birds in love
free pattern - click to get larger size and print!
flipped version (for transfer pencil)

It occurs to me that some of you might not be printing out these transfers to trace with a transfer pencil - instead, you put your fabric over the monitor and trace directly. In which case, from now on I'll offer 2 versions - right way and flipped, for transfer pencil. Will I go back and flip all the other ones? Not unless I become a robot. Sorry, but when a girl's got 3 blogs, 2 twitters, and 2 facebooks, she must distribute her time wisely. :)

Here are the birds in love again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it birds. Ain't life grand when you're in love. When you're a bird. You don't have to be so smug about it. Perfect size for a pillowcase (maybe you might want to enlarge your pattern to cover more area.) Or maybe you want to tell these happy birds to stuff it. I won't judge you. We can't all be happy birds in love, you know.

Anybody stitched this? Always wanted to stitch it, but never have...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can't stop the veggie dancing

Veggies... dancing!
free pattern - click to get larger size and print!

Yet another homage to romance, to let you know my heart is not shriveled and withered... yet. I don't know, but there's nothing like the delightful spectacle of two veggies dancing to give me that loving feeling. You can keep your romantic comedies, Hollywood! Dancing veggies is where it's at.

On my sheet are 3 large dancing vegetable designs: "Vegetable Polka", "Garden Waltz," and the "Vitamin Ballet." Also three dancing crockery motifs - a spoon, teacup, and wineglass all bear polka-dotted skirts and happy grins, representing "Silver," "China", and "Glass." There are 3 large cross-stitch motifs that also say "Silver," "China", and "Glass." Finally, there's a small singing tomato motif that says "Hot Pots", a posing green bean and 6 tiny dancing veggies that would make an adorable border for a table runner.

Two motifs are cut out but appear unused - the rest of the sheet is intact and unused. I may be missing one of the tiny dancing veggie designs, it's hard to tell.

Any of you stitched these veggies before? Show and tell, please! :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bird Romance

little version
free pattern - click to get larger size and print!

Now, let me just get something out of the way here - I am not a very romantic person. I mean - I believe in true love and all that, but my skin really crawls when people get all schmoopy on each other. In public. But with birds, a little schmoopiness, you know - it's totally acceptable. So, in honor of that totally overblown, give-me-a-reason-to-fight-with-you holiday we refer to as Valentine's Day, let me lay some cute PDA on you. You just tell these birds to get a room. They ain't listenin.

Also on this sheet are 3 large designs meant for pillowcases - a cute cat peeping out of a rose or poppy as if it grew there, Cabbage-Patch-like. Also 2 lambs jumping a fence with their little pink tongues hanging out, as if to say "Geez, it's hard work getting you guys to sleep!" And, the lovebirds. Also a few small rose motifs and cross-stitch lettering for Mr, Mrs, Mine and Yours. Wouldn't it be funny, by the way, to decorate your bathroom in a really selfish way by labeling all the towels "Mine" and none "Yours?" Hee hee. Visitors would be baffled. :)

You can tell my pattern has seen better days - tattered, lots of age spots and that telltale "old smell" is so strong it makes me sneeze. (Thank God for plastic sleeves.) Also, my sheet is incomplete - I'm missing the kitty peeping out of the rose.

Here's the big old version of those birdies, suitable for a nice pillowcase:
Little lovebirds
free pattern - click to get larger size and print!

I stitched this baby for my sister a couple of years back:

By the way, I dunno why I put a big old copyright floresita on there. It was a brief craze of mine. I thought it looked stupid so I stopped.

Here are the birdies up close:
a little something

Anybody else stitch this? Leave a link, we'd love to see it!