Sunday, February 25, 2007

Monarch 206 - Pussy-Cat Tea Towels You'll Adore

Monarch 206
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Seven kitten days of the week designs featuring a disturbingly glassy-eyed cat... :) What I find funniest about this envelope is just how unappealing it makes the designs look! :) I especially like the cute lettering on these.

My envelope is sadly empty, but the manufacturers were nice enough to include a reduced sized image of all the transfers on the back - which is how I produced the freebie for this one. The actual outlines are cuter than the illustrations on the front of the envelope. Here's the Sunday design:

Monarch 206 - cat pattern

Dutch Girl Days of the Week

Dutch girl pattern

7 days of the week Dutch girl motifs - this is a blue-line transfer I got in a batch of other patterns on Ebay. The motifs are all cut apart but not used - with all the exploring I've done online I still haven't found the source but I'm pretty sure they're not Aunt Martha's or Vogart. Each design features a Dutch girl with tulips doing various chores and singing a hymn on Sunday.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mailorder 90 - Little Juan

Mailorder 90 - singing boy pattern

This red-line transfer sheet has 4 cute Mexican motifs: Juan astride a smiling burro, asleep under his sombrero with a smiling sun and yawning cactus, singing with a happy cactus, and a cute burro smiling at a cactus. There's also one tiny century plant motif, two tiny smiling cactus motifs, and a simple, large cross-stitch border. On the same sheet are two large, detailed landscape scenes with large trees, lakes, and cottages.

My sheet is a little yellowed and has one tear in a cottage scene. Aside from saying "Made in the U.S.A." there is no other information identifying the maker or the year of publication.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

American Weekly 3123 - Sunbonnet Girl

American Weekly 3123 American Weekly 3123 detail

6 sweet Sunbonnet girl designs, in most of which she is accompanied by a tiny, mopsy dog. The patterns on her dresses are all really lovely and probably look beautiful when they're stitched. My sheet is almost complete - 3 small motifs have been cut out, and judging from their position they were probably the cute puppy. All the Sunbonnet girls are there, however.

American Weekly 3123 - pattern

Superior 137 - 22 Motifs for Pillowcases, Towels - Linens

superior 137
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3 designs for pillowcases or towels (you could only call them 22 if you split every single design up, I suppose). :) One large cross-stitch design, floral sprays, and a flower basket.

My envelope is clumsily creased in places - my transfer sheet is not complete. There are motifs missing from the top and bottom, but I'm not sure if they just repeat what is already there.

superior 137 - basket pattern

Friday, February 2, 2007

Laura Wheeler 778 - Kittens

Laura Wheeler 778 Laura Wheeler 778 detail

Six cute kitty romance motifs that show the cats in each stage of love (yes, cats in love, you read right). :) The motifs look like they'd fit well on tea towels and say "Boy", "Coy", "Joy", "Kiss", "Bliss", and "This."

My set is complete - only the "Coy" motif has been cut out but not used, and is still in the envelope. These are my first Laura Wheeler transfers - they appear to be mail order transfers, and the design on the mailing envelope is very dainty and beautiful.

Laura Wheeler 778 - pattern

Walker's 720 - Colorful Fruit Designs to Brighten Your Home

walker's 720
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A variety of straightforward looking fruit designs for embroidery or applique - there are grapes, peaches, cherries, lemons, apples, pears, plums, and strawberries. It looks like the applique with contrasting fabrics could look cute...

My envelope is pretty tattered and torn - inside is one complete, uncut sheet and another almost complete sheet - only a small cherry motif is missing.

walker's 720 - cherry pattern