Sunday, January 21, 2007

Superior 169 - 6 Motifs for Kitchen Towels or Linens

superior 169
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6 cute puppy designs, featuring puppies getting into all kinds of scrapes, including playing with cutlery, spilling water, sitting under an umbrella, playing with cookware, breaking a dish, and fighting over a dish towel. My envelope is torn in spots, has "FREE" written in blue marker on the front, and a J.C. Penney sticker.

My transfers are unused but I am missing one pattern - the puppies fighting over a dish towel.

superior 169

Superior 146 - Six Easy-To-Do Kitchen Towels

superior 146
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There are 6 designs, intended for kitchen towels, featuring cross-stitch Scotty dogs with floral and checkered backgrounds. I love the artwork on the envelope - just check out that upper left hand corner! Your eyes are not fooling you - that is the Mrs. tying an apron on her hubby while he cheerily dries the dishes, while smoking a pipe. Is Superior trying to turn traditional female roles on their head? We can only guess...

My envelope is a bit tattered and torn - the transfers have been cut apart but don't appear used. I have all 6 designs pictured on the envelope. A price sticker on the back says "Strain Bros."

superior 146

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Superior 180 - Kitten Motifs

superior 180
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These have to be some of the cutest transfers I have ever seen. There's something about seeing a cat in a tuxedo or wedding dress that just gets me - I am such a sucker for weird cuteness! There are 6 designs that are a perfect size for tea towels that feature the cats (get this) in every stage of courtship. First there's "Boy", then "Joy", then "Kiss", then "This", then "Vow", and finally "Now", featuring the happily married cats with kitty triplets in a stroller.

My set is 1 complete, unused and uncut sheet of transfers - what a lucky find! The envelope is also in great shape.

superior 180

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Superior 120 - Mexicana

superior 120

As you can probably tell, I am interested in all things Mexican - I'm fascinated with the way cultures were represented in different time periods. So far all the Mexican designs I've seen are pretty consistent with each other - burros, women with water pitchers or chickens on their heads (now there's something I've never seen in real life) and fruit trucks. This set is unusual in that it is a green line transfer (all the others I've seen are red or black).

A few motifs have been cut out, but since each one is represented twice, they are all there. There are 3 large designs, 3 medium-sized designs, and 6 cute mini designs which would be cute on table runners or tablecloth corners. And a few cute small chickens.

superior 120 - pattern 1 superior 120 - pattern 2

Walker's 702 - Gay Mexican Motifs for Kitchen and Tea Towels

Walker's 702

These are the first embroidery transfers I bought online, and they really bit me with the embroidery transfer bug. :) My set is complete and unused, blue lines printed on very thin, tracing-like paper. There are two large sheets that are identical.

The drawing style is unique and very different from Aunt Martha's and Vogart transfers - using sketch-like strokes. There are 7 large images, probably intended for tea towels, and 4 smaller images maybe intended for potholders or placemats. They include beautiful dancing girls (one looking more like she's doing the can-can than any Spanish dance), Indian men in a market, sleeping under trees, and shaking their maracas, and other more suave-looking men in bolero outfits.

Here's a freebie I offered on my embroidery blog earlier last year:
mexican hats