Friday, February 2, 2007

Laura Wheeler 778 - Kittens

Laura Wheeler 778 Laura Wheeler 778 detail

Six cute kitty romance motifs that show the cats in each stage of love (yes, cats in love, you read right). :) The motifs look like they'd fit well on tea towels and say "Boy", "Coy", "Joy", "Kiss", "Bliss", and "This."

My set is complete - only the "Coy" motif has been cut out but not used, and is still in the envelope. These are my first Laura Wheeler transfers - they appear to be mail order transfers, and the design on the mailing envelope is very dainty and beautiful.

Laura Wheeler 778 - pattern


Anonymous said...

I love this one! I'm hoping my niece decides to get married soon just so I can make her some fun things with this type of pattern!

floresita said...

Isn't it adorable? There's nothing like seeing cats in such a state of marital bliss... :)