Sunday, June 17, 2007

About Workbasket patterns

The Workbasket was a mailorder magazine that began publication in 1935. It was filled with project ideas, lace and needlework patterns, and iron-on embroidery transfers.

Unfortunately the embroidery transfer sheets don't say "Workbasket" on them anywhere! But they're usually very large, red-lined sheets with many different project ideas and stitching directions. Also most are numbered, somewhere on the page, with these numbers or these numbers.

More about the Workbasket:


African Kelli said...

I had never heard of this before. Thank you! I am really looking forward to learning more!

Unknown said...

Mom had a bunch of Workbasket packets that I think came in the mail--no magazine included. Seems you could subscribe to the packets of transfers too. We seemed to have a lot of cutesy dishtowels around when I was a kid, and we used some of the transfers ourselves for pillowcases and such.