Friday, June 29, 2012

Creepy Lamb DOW


Ask, and you shall receive... weirdness! The clear winner in the poll for the DOW pattern you wanted to see next was - creepy lambs!

Okay, they're not TOTALLY creepy. I mean, they're a little endearing, if you can ignore the glassy stare, the fact that they only have one tooth, and that they're camped out on your ironing board, knitting you a sock, washing your clothes, baking, and dusting.

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Thanks for your responses to the poll! :) Bears tied with Puppies for second place, so I plan to scan those in the coming weeks. Next was Angels, which are pretty adorable, so I'll also share those. Coming in dead last were Poodles. Poor poodles!

Enjoy your creepy lambs - let me know if you stitch them, what you plan to stitch them on or who you're stitching them for. Have an awesome week, you guys! :)

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