Thursday, January 18, 2007

Superior 180 - Kitten Motifs

superior 180
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These have to be some of the cutest transfers I have ever seen. There's something about seeing a cat in a tuxedo or wedding dress that just gets me - I am such a sucker for weird cuteness! There are 6 designs that are a perfect size for tea towels that feature the cats (get this) in every stage of courtship. First there's "Boy", then "Joy", then "Kiss", then "This", then "Vow", and finally "Now", featuring the happily married cats with kitty triplets in a stroller.

My set is 1 complete, unused and uncut sheet of transfers - what a lucky find! The envelope is also in great shape.

superior 180

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Mrs.Kitty~ said...

Wow! What a lucky find! These have to be my favorite Kitty couple set ever. I've been looking for this set but can't seam to locate one. Would you ever consider posting the other prints from the set? If not I understand, thank you for identifying this set and giving me a starting point to search from.