Sunday, January 7, 2007

Walker's 702 - Gay Mexican Motifs for Kitchen and Tea Towels

Walker's 702

These are the first embroidery transfers I bought online, and they really bit me with the embroidery transfer bug. :) My set is complete and unused, blue lines printed on very thin, tracing-like paper. There are two large sheets that are identical.

The drawing style is unique and very different from Aunt Martha's and Vogart transfers - using sketch-like strokes. There are 7 large images, probably intended for tea towels, and 4 smaller images maybe intended for potholders or placemats. They include beautiful dancing girls (one looking more like she's doing the can-can than any Spanish dance), Indian men in a market, sleeping under trees, and shaking their maracas, and other more suave-looking men in bolero outfits.

Here's a freebie I offered on my embroidery blog earlier last year:
mexican hats

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Dandelion Factory said...

These are darling. I am in a sewing club, and we have an assignment to make a dish towel with the theme "local". I'm not sure what I am going to do yet, but I might be adding some embroidery after viewing your site! Thanks so much!