Sunday, August 26, 2007

sailor boy and hula girl

sailor boy and hula girl
free pattern - click to get larger size and print!

Isn't this adorable? I know I've seen this image somewhere before but I'm not sure where - help me out and leave a comment if you know.... In any case, this was on a large, white tissue-like sheet. Instead of being a normal transfer, there were tiny holes that marked the lines (I had to trace over them to make this image). Also on the sheet were adorable 40-s looking housewife days of the week patterns. It was really hard to make out the lines on those, so I traced this larger image instead. Enjoy!


Rebekah said...

They are so cute.

Claire said...

That's very cute - would make a great motif for a skirt


Clothmatters said...

Hi- I came across your blog and it is so adorable. Great embroidery work.

Karen said...

This is from a NUMO Pattern, from the early forties. Numo used dots instead of lines for the transfers. I have been looking for the days of the week patterns from the same set