Sunday, January 20, 2008

Four fuzzballs for a quilt

Mailorder 85 - fuzzy bear Mailorder 85 - fuzzy rabbit
Mailorder 85 - fuzzy dog Mailorder 85 - fuzzy cat
Okay, I've been away for awhile, so I sat myself down and did some serious scanning. Here are 4 cute fuzzballs ready to be embroidered on a baby quilt (check out the baby bear pattern for the skinny on making it). They're mostly harmless sorts, but what's up with the dog / timberwolf? Am I the only one that finds him a wee bit creepy? And isn't bunny a bit too excited with the shovel? Is it just me or could bunny be burying the evidence?

My sheet is complete, uncut, 20 by 22 inches and numbered 85. Also on the sheet are patterns for a hunting dog eyeing up a tasty pheasant, cross stitch flowers, two tiny birds, butterfly, puppy, and a good old basket of flowers.

this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!

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