Saturday, February 16, 2008

#66 - Dating Dishware

Mailorder 66

"Gimme some sugar!" says Mr. Creamer... And you thought kitchen crockery wasn't capable of romance, didn't you? But I've got a whole sheet that proves otherwise, with cavorting dishes, saucers, and silverware for each day of the week. My favorite thing about this pattern is... Mr. Creamer is wearing penny loafers! Oh, how I love penny loafers.

Unfortunately my sheet is cut and incomplete, so I only have Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday of these "gay animated tea towel designs." On the same sheet (numbered 66) is also a pattern for homemade slippers, a large, lazy-daisy stitch alphabet, and a small cross-stich pattern for a bookmark that says "Give Us This Day".

Thanks Hannita, for pointing out these are in the Hoop Love group! Here is Thursday (you can see a tiny image of Friday in the upper left) and Sunday.

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Threeundertwo said...

I love these. It's the eyes that make them so fun.