Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mailorder 2-947 - Kindly Lady

Mailorder 2-947 - kindly lady

I like this lady - there's something of the kindly syrup-bottle matron about her. It also reminds me of the tender times of yore when older ladies actually looked older instead of today's times where 50 year olds look younger and hotter than 30 year olds... :) This sheet calls her a "colonial girl" and suggests using "turquoise, yellow, rose, green, or black."

This is a large sheet, uncut, 30 by 44 inches and numbered 2-947. Also on the sheet are patterns for a "cart pocket" for an apron, apple blossoms, fruits and veggies, scary clown, flying ducks, and a tiny ducky border.

this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!

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