Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jitterbug dancers

jitterbug girl

First of all, allow me to begin by saying I don't use the label "scary cute" lightly. But these jitterbug dancers are most certainly scary cute, right down to this teenage girl's laugh lines. But even more endearing and unsettling are the duo of one-eyed dancers. These teens shimmy, stomp and twirl with the best of them, and all this, with only one eye apiece. I'm sure these dancers would look equally cute with 2 eyes. Just maybe not so scary cute... :)

This sheet also has a palm tree design, pineapple designs for placemats and coasters, a circle floral design, 5 small designs for "felt lapel pins" (girl's head, scottie dog, owl, leaf, flowers), and a few other floral designs. My sheet is cut, not numbered, and is missing one small motif.

jitterbug dancers 1 jitterbug dancers 2 jitterbug dancers 3

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