Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy Peasants

Mailorder 2-915 - Happy Peasants pattern
Being a peasant must not be all bad. I mean, if you're female you get to wear peasant blouses. And if you're male you get to enhance your rustic masculinity with embroidered suspenders, shiny shoes, and lederhosen. A lucky few were even immortalized on 1940's embroidered luncheon cloths, like this enthusiastic duo. I have one complete, uncut sheet, with a pattern for a peasant apron and hearts and floral embroidery motifs. Also a big bonneted girl stencil to make a big ol' trellis that just might keep doggies from doing #1 on your lawn...

this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!

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Joy Burkhart said...

This is really cute! I'm trying to find some for my great-nephew, you know, simple ones like cat, dog, etc. This one could be for his German ancestry! Thanks for all the images! Love your blog!