Monday, July 9, 2007

Mexican luncheon

Mailorder 2-903 - Mexican duo pattern

I love this shocked-looking senorita - perhaps she's astounded at the sheer volume of fruit one can balance on one's head? Or maybe senor is singing something a bit risque to her, somewhere along the lines of "Aya en el Rancho Grande?" In any case, they make a cute couple, and according to this sheet, are a "corner motif". The center motif is cut out of my sheet and missing. The rest of the sheet has patterns for heart-shaped mother and daughter aprons and bonnets- cute, eh? Also a couple of kissing doves, smooching bunnies, and two shocked-looking fuzzy kitties, and cursive lettering that says "Big sis", "Little sis", and "mom."

this pattern donated by thanks Eydie!

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